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Welcome to Whoosh®

Whoosh® creates personalized, point to point transportation for passengers or goods travelling in smart electric vehicles on a light and flexible elevated cable and rail network. In conjunction with the use of multiple smaller offline stations and larger hub stations, Whoosh® ensures high throughput of vehicles while still providing a point-to-point on-demand service.

Vehicles can use cable sections to span over geographic obstacles without interference to the area below. The vehicles can change elevation or turn after transitioning from cable to rail, creating countless route options throughout a location.

Additionally, the system is flexible and easy to implement in tight spaces. When existing structure is available, Whoosh® can use it as support for the network, decreasing construction cost and disruption. Whoosh® is also electric with low energy needs and zero emissions.

We’ve already developed a fully operational prototype system. A public pilot project in New Zealand is underway and we have additional interest for projects around the world.

Whoosh® vs. Gondola

We love gondolas and what they can do, but make no mistake, Whoosh® is quite different from a conventional gondola system. The big differences are with infrastructure and passenger movement. With a conventional gondola, cabins are attached to a moving ropeway. The only way to move the cabins is to move the cable and this creates inefficiencies in the system. For example, moving the cable moves every cabin attached to the cable which takes more energy and doesn't allow the system to adapt to adjusting rider needs.

Additionally, the gondola ropeway is largely restricted to straight paths, pulling a clothesline of cabins between two fixed points with little option for a customized route.

By contrast, Whoosh® uses a flexible and expandable network of cable and rail as a static guideway. Whoosh® vehicles are autonomous and move independently throughout a variety of route possibilities and offline stations by navigating the stationary network structure. In addition to being more flexible in terms of their route selections and options, Whoosh® also reduces energy usage and emissions by only operating the minimum number of vehicles to meet fluctuating ridership demands.

Uplifting & Connecting Communities

When we set out to develop a new transportation solution we went big. Whoosh® has the power to transform communities. The ease of installation and low cost of the network allows projects to place people first. Equitable planning goals, once restricted by budget constraints, are now shovel ready. With Whoosh®, pollution is removed while shared green spaces are expanded and enjoyed by all. Logistics and delivery vehicles are reduced and congestion is removed.


People First

  • 15 Minute walkable communities

  • Connected districts

  • Marginalized communities to the center

A Clean Slate

  • Reduced CO2 emissions for a healthier community and a healthier planet

  • Reclaiming the streets for expanded green space

Delivered Safely

  • People and packages handled with care

  • Improved shipment and delivery times

  • Reduced delivery vehicles on roadways

Our Solution

When planning a transportation solution, a number of key requirements begin to surface. Often times, transportation planners and developers are forced to make trade offs when deciding on a solution for their project. Whoosh® combines eight fundamental components into a single solution, making it easier than ever to choose a new path.


On-demand Icon


Vehicles wait for you for faster, better service

Low Impact Icon

Low Impact

Reduces embodied CO2 and daily energy use

Direct Route Icon

Direct Route

Non-stop to your final destination

Low Cost Icon

Low Cost

10X savings in operation and build costs

Logistics Icon


Consistent last-mile delivery network

Flexible Paths Icon

Flexible Paths

Network is not restricted to straight lines

Extends Transit Icon

Extends Transit

Builds on existing multimodal networks

Easy Expansion Icon

Easy Expansion

Easily expands as your network grows


On-demand, Personalized Routes

Using ticket vending machines or an app, a passenger can book their route - similar to a ride hailing service. The control system dispatches instructions to the nearest available pod and selects the most efficient route along the available network for taking the passenger directly to their destination for a non-stop, point to point journey.

Whoosh® can create flexible paths - transitioning from cable to rail to turn, ascend, or descend whenever needed. The ability to add offline stations and stops help to deliver passengers and goods to various locations around a district while still maintaining the ability to make non-stop trips.


Whoosh® Network Basics

Check out the video below for an example of how Whoosh® uses the network to select an optimal route for a passenger allowing for a point to point, non-stop journey. The video also shows how a network can be implemented to extend existing transportation options and how easily the network can be expanded.


Offline Stations

Whoosh® uses offline stations to create on-demand travel with no waiting. These low cost stations are placed strategically throughout a network so there's always one located close to you - allowing for point to point trips with no stopping. Offline stations can be located at grade, elevated, or grafted into dense urban environments with the ability to integrate directly with buildings to create multi-level stop and station options.


Embodied Carbon & Energy Used

Embodied Carbon:

Whoosh® replaces a world of concrete with simple infrastructure combining cables and minimal steel. For added reduction, stations and stops can be designed using materials with less embodied carbon like cross-laminated timber.

Whoosh® Guideway / 100 m span
Tower and track 16.6 T of CO2e
Cable 0.4 T of CO2e

Whoosh® Foundation / 100 m span
Concrete and piles 1.4 T of CO2e

184 T of CO2e / km for Whoosh®

Compare that with the findings of a recent study on embodied emissions in rail infrastructure. That statistical model found that overall ~941 (±168) T of CO2e are embodied per kilometer of rail at-grade, and tunneling has 27 (±5) times more embodied GHG per kilometer than at-grade construction.

Energy Used:

Lightweight Whoosh® vehicles move only on-demand, transporting people using ⅙ the energy required of a typical bus or rail system in the U.S. - equivalent to an 84% reduction in energy used.

A Low Cost Simple Kit of Parts

Whoosh® uses a basic static guideway with no moving parts. That means installation time and costs are dramatically reduced. Additionally, power requirements and network maintenance needs are significantly reduced.

The static nature of the guideway also has advantages when a network needs to expand. New routes can be built right to the edge of the existing network and construction crews can connect them with minimal downtime. A quick enhancement of the control system allows vehicles to discover the expanded network options and start carrying passengers to new destinations.

One key factor in the success of Whoosh® is the ability to reduce the overall guideway cost through the utilization of cable spans. Cable spans create low cost infrastructure and can be used as major elements of the guideway removing cost when compared with a typical guideway.

The use of cable also removes visual pollution from the landscape of the network while allowing the system to easily traverse geographic obstacles or move over existing structures. 

What's Next?

Whoosh® is in development today and is looking ahead to tomorrow. With a pilot project already underway for Remarkables Park in Queenstown New Zealand, we're currently expanding our single rider prototype vehicles to 4-8 person capacity pods. We're also working on logistics applications, developing last mile solutions for goods and services. We're expanding our vertical movement, developing a transportation solution that can provide layers of mobility throughout a location.

We're actively engaging potential investors and delivery partnerships as we explore implementation interest from around the world. Whoosh® is moving forward with next phases of development. We're excited about the future and look forward to sharing more details as the journey unfolds.


Whoosh® Pilot Project: Remarkables Park

Located at the geographical heart of Queenstown, New Zealand - Remarkables Park's vision is to create a dynamic urban environment. The unique 150 hectare Remarkables Park Zone is designed to deliver comprehensive multi-use, retail, resort, residential and recreational opportunities to further enhance Queenstown's thriving community.

This is New Zealand's premier tourist destination. It's a town of 40,000 people and is somewhat unique in that it is both an urban and resort development at the same time.

With around 3.5 million visitors annually, the area is facing challenges with traffic. Whoosh® is helping Remarkables Park plan to reduce congestion and emissions, improve mobility, and save money.

We're excited about the project and are planning for the first phases of Whoosh® to begin in 2023. We invite you to come to Queenstown and experience the Remarkables Park pilot project for yourself. 

Our Partners

Throughout the development of Whoosh® we have engaged with leaders in the transportation, technology, and engineering fields. We continue to expand our network of suppliers, collaborators, and delivery partners. Interested in partnering with us? We'd love to connect with you. Explore some of the teams we're working with.

Connect with Us

We have so much more to share about Whoosh® and what it can do. Please connect now for updates or, if you have questions and want to get involved, contact us directly at Holmes Solutions HQ in Christchurch, New Zealand.