Additional Whoosh® Details

Whoosh® Network Basics

Check out the video below for an example of how Whoosh® uses the network to select an optimal route for a passenger allowing for a point to point, non-stop journey. The video also shows how a network can be implemented to extend existing transportation options and how easily the network can be expanded.


Is Whoosh® a Gondola?

We love gondolas and what they can do, but make no mistake, Whoosh® is quite different from a conventional gondola system. The big differences are with infrastructure and passenger movement.

With a conventional gondola, cabins are attached to a moving ropeway. The only way to move the cabins is to move the cable, this creates inefficiencies in the system. For example, moving the cable moves every cabin attached to the ropeway which takes more energy and doesn't allow the system to adapt to adjusting ridership needs.

Additionally, the gondola ropeway is largely restricted to straight paths, pulling a clothesline of cabins between two fixed points with few options for a customized route.

By contrast, Whoosh® uses a flexible and expandable network of cable and rail as a static guideway. Whoosh® vehicles are autonomous and move independently throughout a variety of route possibilities and pull-off stations by navigating the stationary network structure.

Whoosh® also reduces energy usage and emissions by only deploying the minimum number of vehicles needed to meet fluctuating ridership demands throughout a day.


Embodied Carbon & Energy Used

Embodied Carbon:

Whoosh® replaces a world of concrete with simple infrastructure combining cables and minimal steel. For added reduction, stations and stops can be designed using materials with less embodied carbon like cross-laminated timber.

Whoosh® Guideway / 100 m span
Tower and track 16.6 T of CO2e
Cable 0.4 T of CO2e

Whoosh® Foundation / 100 m span
Concrete and piles 1.4 T of CO2e

184 T of CO2e / km for Whoosh®

Compare that with the findings of a recent study on embodied emissions in rail infrastructure. That statistical model found that overall ~941 (±168) T of CO2e are embodied per kilometer of rail at-grade, and tunneling has 27 (±5) times more embodied GHG per kilometer than at-grade construction.

Energy Used:

Lightweight Whoosh® vehicles move only on-demand, transporting people using ⅙ the energy required of a typical bus or rail system in the U.S. - equivalent to an 84% reduction in energy used.

A Low Cost Modular System

Whoosh® uses a basic static guideway with no moving parts. That means installation time and costs are dramatically reduced - along with reductions for ongoing power and network maintenance needs.

The static nature of the guideway also has advantages when a network needs to expand. New routes can be built right to the edge of the existing network and construction crews can connect them with minimal downtime. A quick enhancement of the control system allows vehicles to discover the expanded network options and start transporting passengers to new destinations.


Delivery Partners

The flexible infrastructure of Whoosh® and the standard kit of parts make creating your transportation network easy. Having a visionary planning and implementation team at the ready makes it even easier. Learn more about who is helping to bring Whoosh® projects to life.

Swyft Cities
Swyft Cities Project Delivery

Swyft Cities is the sole licensee of Whoosh® transportation technology. Working with an expanding network of partners, Swyft Cities is developing proprietary control systems to help supercharge Whoosh® transport functionality. Swyft Cities spun out of Google, and their team has extensive experience delivering large-scale infrastructure and urban mobility projects. Their goal is to help commercialize Whoosh® transport systems for the world.

Collaborators & Suppliers

Throughout the development of Whoosh® we have engaged with leaders in the transportation, technology, and engineering fields. We continue to expand our network of suppliers, collaborators, and technical partners. Interested in partnering with us? We'd love to connect with you. Explore some of the teams we're working with.

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We have so much more to share about Whoosh® and what it can do. Please connect now for updates or, if you have questions and want to get involved, contact us directly at Holmes Solutions HQ in Christchurch, New Zealand.